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As requested, by davidedison a Random Games Plugin for MYBB. Tested and working on a mybb 1.6.4 install.

What does it do? It gets a number of random games and displays them on the index/portal/area of your choice.

WARNING: This query uses order by RAND() and is NOT cached. If you have memcache installed and working on your server then I can also add a cached version on request.

Order by RAND is not advisable where you have a large table to query - if you have less than 100 games on your board then this should be fine, otherwise I do NOT advise using this plugin.

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#21 11-10-2012 
I Have 4700 now, I even added games after this ran and still didnt notice and change.
Stop by and have a look it looks good , I left debug on for ya too.
Hope I can be your Demo board, or be 1st big board Gamesection.

  1. Page Generation Time: 0.16286396980286 seconds
  2. PHP Processing Time: 0.1274841 seconds (78.28%)
  3. Extensions Used: mysqli, xml
  4. PHP Version: 5.2.17
  5. GZip Encoding Status: Enabled
  6. Memory Usage: 7.25 MB (7602176 bytes)
  7. No. DB Queries: 48
  8. DB Processing Time: 0.0353799 seconds (21.72%)
  9. Global.php Processing Time: 0.0853641 seconds
  10. Server Load: 1.16
  11. No. Templates Used: 58 (48 Cached / 17 Manually Loaded)
  12. Memory Limit: 90M

#22 11-10-2012 
Ok, that is pretty good.

I would be interested to have a look at the detailed report - especially as you are loading 17 templates not from cache - its a tiny thing but it would maybe shave a little off generation time.

Best way to get the detailed report is to click on the "advanced details" link at the bottom of debug stats.

I can't see the stats you see as I am not an admin on your board.
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#23 11-10-2012 
How about you register and ill give you temp admin, that list your requesting is large to copypast. I can register you and give you info if you to busy.
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#24 11-10-2012 
It would be a help if you created my user and then PM'd me the pass on leefish Big Grin

Preferred username: leefish Big Grin
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#25 12-10-2012 
Wow. I am SO happy. I had a look at the stats and the query is actually VERY fast considering what it is doing:

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Sorry, that is a members only option