• Contempo Penn Station Dining Table
  • Creator: Michelle
    Woo Hoo!!! I learned something new.
I know...not up to Lee, Nix, Dal, Cmo, Armiel and all our other fine creator's standard. However, it was a giant leap for me, I even managed it on my own without a tutorial. Unfortunately I can't slave it to the 'Comtempo Penn Station Side Chair', but at least I can recolour it.

Contempo Penn Station Dining Table Screenshot Contempo Penn Station Dining Table Screenshot Contempo Penn Station Dining Table Screenshot        
#2 11-11-2011
whoa - this is your first mesh? Very cool indeed, congratulations. Celebrate It looks neat - any reason why it won't repository? Did you use a different texture for the table?

#3 11-11-2011
No, this is my fourth... Skill Building Bucket,Toddler Bare Bath, Potty Bucket and this one. Didn't know how to move the bits of the UV map around and too many shadows on the chair texture/template.

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#4 11-11-2011
yes, sorry - should have been more specific - first original mesh. What program are you using to mesh? If it is Milkshape then you can't reliably rotate the groups on the map and a lot of people use UVmapper for that bit.

I am thinking that you are running into the issues on the tabletop? I would guess that you did a direct copy of the chair legs and scaled them up into table size and so they will be a perfect match.

The way I know to fit a table top mesh onto a tiny texture is to mirror it; basically, you need to make ONE square that fits the texture and mirror that - combine into one group and mirror that - etc. See what I mean?

* leefish resolves to get a microphone Smile


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