• TrueBlood+Sims2+Fanseelamb = AWESOME
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Um yea - I am a fanseelamb fan, and little does she know it but I stalk her tumblr.

It's full of great pics she has taken of her TrueBlood Sims - and is fun to read too.

Go check out her tumblr at the link below:


TrueBlood+Sims2+Fanseelamb = AWESOME Screenshot          
#2 19-11-2011
Hmm, I may have to stalk Fansee's Tumblr, too - her pics make me giggle inanely. Big Grin I like giggling inanely (even though it makes my dog look at me as if she thinks her human has finally lost it). Wink Thanks for the link!

#3 22-11-2011
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I've been stalking Fanseegander forever on Tumblr.


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