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My first finds post! I hope this works...

Hope cottage, by MTS creator Devagirl2, is a really pretty 3 bedroom house with a nice layout, cheap at 44,000 Simoleans. It has a very good layout and a lovely back garden.
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Adorable 3 bed house Screenshot    
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#2 15-05-2011
That is absolutely a house my Sims will be sure to enjoy. Did you use any custom content?

#3 15-05-2011
Its pretty deep in CC actually. See list.

Custom Content Included:
- Jumbo Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm
- Sideboard "Bibliothek" by Hek
- Sandstone and grass pavers by sarah*rose
- Plantation 1-tiled Desk by blake_boy
- Metro Window by Tiggy
- Bedding Mathcing Cornerstone Victoriana Velvet Drapes by IgnorantBliss
- Belhooven Maroo - Privacy Window by MaryLou
- Giggly Grasses by buggybooz
- Holy Hosta! by buggybooz
- Crafty Geranium bigger by buggybooz
- Prosperous Planters by buggybooz
- Enchanted Garden Dove House by buggybooz
- Cheapo weaved Wood Fence - Dark by frillen
- "Eponymous Garden" Lady's Mantle by parsimonious
- Smitty's windows and doors recolours by Awesims
- Stormy Slate roof by Neveah

#4 15-05-2011
its not much a problem Lee ... Ive seen deeper lists ... if you want Deep ... look up meriel's Lots ... hers go deep ...


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