Freetime junk car motive hit.
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Because I fail at putting things in the right place, this is a request I put over at the site issue section lol.

Hi. I'm hoping I'm requesting this correctly. I'm basically looking for a mod to greatly reduce or eliminate the motive hit to hygiene and energy when using the fixer-upper car that came with The Sims 2 Freetime. I have a neighborhood where no one has a career which comes with the game, but rather own business's and work in others business's. One of my sims owns a car refurbishment lot, but she's not able to do anything because I am constantly making her shower and sleep. Would someone be able to make this for me please? Thank you.

BO, thank you for directing me to the right place for requesting this mod, and thank you for the advice Smile

#2 22-12-2011 
Hi Boylie!

With a little help, you've certainly found the right place now. Great job Smile

As for your request, I'll see what I can do, because I like a challenge. I'll have to find out how and where those motives are tanked while the sim is working on the car.

Personally, I have no problem keeping my sims ok, though. I buy them a comfy place to sit and an espresso machine, and have them get a load of that, when their Energy is low. In about 22 sim hours, they can fully restore a car this way. Smile


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