I have been building houses in TS3, I still don't PLAY TS3, but I do like Create a Style. And I wanted windows to match a game window so I made some. They are probably out there already somewhere, but I wanted to see if I could make the windows and I have. They are only 60kb each. Pretty good.

Federal Windows Screenshot Federal Windows Screenshot Federal Windows Screenshot        
#2 29-12-2011
These could be made to work with my open window mod. Big Grin

#3 29-12-2011
I love you! I mean, I love the windows. I love the idea behind them too. Also, IIRC, I saw some window expansions by Mutske on T$R (it is likely they are pay though). I will check through their stuff tomorrow if you would like me to comfirm it.

#4 29-12-2011
I am pretty sure these are on TSR. But yea, these are mine. Love the idea of the open window mod cmo - what do I need to do? It would also make them a bit more exciting than the TSR ones Tongue


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