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  • Toddler Mania (TS3)
  • Creator: levini
TS3 Toddlers are super cuter than the TS2 ones. Though they have less in clothing they are waay cuter than TS2 babehs ( that and they are recolorable ). Just had to snap some piccehs of my favorite sim Sprog, Felix . Mom is somewhere on the lot I just cannot find her and do not need her to interrupt the cuteness. Edit: Added pic of him at Block thingy table. Adorable he is

Toddler Mania (TS3) Screenshot Toddler Mania (TS3) Screenshot Toddler Mania (TS3) Screenshot        
#2 10-01-2012
Quote:Though they have less in clothing...
I wonder why. Toddler clothes is probably the easiest to make, because they don't require morphs and such.

#3 10-01-2012
I dunno Lev, TS3 toddlers seem cuter right out of the box, but they have a lot less interactions than they had in TS2. It was those anims that made the toddlers so damn adorable (IMO)

#4 10-01-2012
Yes Lee, I do agree, but the way they interact with the stuff is a bit cuter than in TS2. Also I did complete that window. it was quite fun to do and You missed the good part

@CMO. I wonder why too.