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For once, I wanted to do something completely different: I've created my own set of PTs! The archive contains the following:
  • A female replacement for the default Pollination Technician, named Aliena Impregnata.
  • Seven extra PTs: three females, and four males.
  • A copy of my Multi-PT #8 mod, adjusted to work with the above PTs.

These PTs are all of the same race, which means there are no custom skins used. They all use the default Alien skin, or a default replacement skin, if you have one. The pictures below show them with Calalily Sims' IRIS skin, which can be found at The Sims2 Graveyard - click "Downloads", then "Calalilysims", then "Genetics" and then go to page 5 to find them.
All these Aliens are either blonde or red-haired, so the Abductee's hair color has a great chance to appear on your Alien babies.

These are the females:

Aliena Impregnata (top) and Syrianna Impregnata (bottom).

Miria Talana (top) and Lelestra Entassah (bottom)

And these are the males:

Jossan Ronarran (top) and Larro Arrameno (bottom)

Rytiro Taranos (top), and Zebreno Zebulon 27 (bottom)

Rytiro Taranos suffers from a slight deformation, which is attributed to a random mutation: his ears aren't pointy as they should be :cry: As a result, his peers sometimes refer to him as 'the mutant' or 'the freak'.

This set *should* work with all versions of the game, from Base Game all the way through Mansion & Garden Stuff.

Simply unpack this zip in your downloads folder, and everything should work.

Some special notes:
  • There is NO need to download Aliena Impregnata and the Multi-PT #8 mod separately, because they're already a part of the set.
  • If you have another Multi-PT mod (even my own), you MUST remove them and replace them with the one in this archive.
  • If you already have another Default Replacement PT, you need to remove them as well, unless it's my Aliena Impregnata or another FEMALE that you would rather use.
  • Other custom PTs installed in your game, will no longer be used. It's safest, however, to leave them in your downloads folder, UNLESS you are sure they have not fathered any children.
  • When used in combination with Alien Experiments v1.7, this set allows you to select the gender of the Alien father by setting the appropriate options in AE's BCONs.
  • Do NOT use this set in combination with Chris Hatch' TelescopeFix, because it will NOT work properly. The TelescopeFix prevents the females from ever being selected as the father for your alien children.
  • This mod WILL work properly with the option "Pregnancy.../Have baby with.../Aliens" on TwoJeffs' SimBlender, although the Blender will NOT allow you to choose a gender. They wll all be used at random.

Happy Simming!
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I've used quite a few mods by others, thus taking FROM the community. With the work that *I* create, I'm hoping to give something back TO the community.

Do with my work whatever the &#$% you like. If you re-use, edit and republish my work, I consider it a compliment. Especially if you let me know about it, and mention me in the credits.

But, although I would *appreciate* the note and the credits, if you choose to be a dick and act as if YOU created my mods, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you, so I won't even TRY.


BO - Multi-PT set - Tyronean Fleet Screenshot BO - Multi-PT set - Tyronean Fleet Screenshot BO - Multi-PT set - Tyronean Fleet Screenshot BO - Multi-PT set - Tyronean Fleet Screenshot BO - Multi-PT set - Tyronean Fleet Screenshot  
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#13 21-08-2018
Can't edit BCONs as you may recall, so If I install the Tyronean Fleet, then the choice of which of the 8 PTs is used is random yes?

What difference if any does it make if the selected PT is female or male?

#14 21-08-2018
Hi @lordtyger9,

Yeah, I imagine that running SimPE might present a bit of a challenge for you, seeing as how you're a McNut family member Cool

The choice of PT is random to some extent, but the rules depend on whether or not you have Alien Experiments installed as well:
  • If you don't have AE installed, it will be totally random.
  • If you do have AE installed, the PT's gender will depend on the orientation of the abductee:
    --- All STRAIGHT sims are impregnated by a MALE PT, and all GAY sims are impregnated by a FEMALE.
    --- In other words, female sims are always impregnated by someone of their preferred gender, but males are always impregnated by the WRONG gender.

For the result, the only noticeable difference would be the visible facial features that the child may inherit. Because as always, that can be a mixture of the father's and the mother's DNA.

Remember, the most important feature of a Multi-PT system is, to increase the chances of a half-alien sim being impregnated. With only one PT, alien children can never be inpregnated, because that would imply incest. With an 8-PT set, the half-alien child could still be impregnated by one of the other seven PTs.

#15 21-08-2018
I was not planning to install AE, it has features I would not like I think. Can't please everyone. Cool Possible I will change my mind, but not likely. Dodgy

So I would have a 1 in 8th chance that those with a PT as a father would not be pregnant when returned. What about those Sims with an existing PT as Parent, is that PT replaced by one in your set?

Another question I am asuming that your Multi PT Mod works with Cyjon's CJ-NoAlienSexism.package and twojeff's Abductions - Higher Odds.package, yes? I would think they would work with yours, but I wanted to check. Far as I can tell they work each other, Abductions - Higher Odds loads last, and yours would load before both of them I want to note.

#16 21-08-2018
First question: Every PT, regardless who made them, has its own GUID. So unless your game gets corrupted, every sim with alien parents should always keep their own parent, even if you install a different PT set. Just DON'T delete the old PTs!

There is ONE exception: in any multi-PT set, ONE of the PTs may be a replacement for the original Maxis PT, and thus has the same GUID as he. That means that if you have children of the Maxis PT, they will now suddenly have a different alien father. In my set, that replacement is Aliena Impregnata, my special flagship alien.

If you already HAVE a replacement for the Maxis PT, that replacement MUST be removed, because keeping it would cause an unsolvable conflict.

Second question: As you may know, I am a minimalist. My mods don't change anything they don't REALLY NEED to change. So in most cases, load order is not really important, because there will not be any conflicts. But loading my mods last is usually the safest.
If there is a conflict that I know about, I will mention that in the description, and explain what this means for load order.
If there is a conflict that I don't know about, I hope that whoever discovers it, will let me know, so I can investigate the issue.

"BO - Multi-PT #8.package" ONLY changes the way the father PT is chosen, using the GUID numbers of the included PTs. Nothing else. I cannot imagine any reason for my mod not to work with the mods you mentioned, regardless of load order.

Just make sure that you've removed other multi-PT mods (but not their PTs), if you have any. Or load my mod last, if you're not sure.


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