Did I miss this place...
#1 05-02-2012 
Finally, several DNS Servers around the world are noticing that Leefish.nl is no longer on CloudFlare. It took them about a week to notice, and during that week there was no way for me to consistently log on. No, I would be lucky to occasionally squeeze in one or two minutes, once or twice a day. But once I hit a link to another page, the connection was usually immediately lost again.

Let's hope we're done with that now, because I can't live without my daily (Lee-)Fishy fix!

And wasn't CloudFlare supposed to improve (supercharge) stuff? Then why do I get the impression that things go much faster now without them???

#2 05-02-2012 
Yay BO Smile

Good to see you back - well, Cloudflare did really reduce our bandwidth usage, so that was a behind the scenes thing.

However, we will be having a server change in a couple of months, so hold onto your hat for that one.

I also hope to upgrade us to the new version of MYBB (faster, less queries etc) but I am waiting to check all small issues are solved first.
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#3 05-02-2012 
It's good to BE back, too, Lee Big Grin

Reducing bandwidth usage. Ah yeah, I can see how that's a bonus to the site, AND how it may cause somewhat of a slow-down experience for the visitor.

Re future changes... if we know in advance - say, like a week before the actual switch - I think we should still be good.


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