Back when I was an active member of Living Sims I made a fair few ads. They were not really in the style of the mag, so I realised I had the artistic skills of a small walnut and stopped being a contributor.

I made this pic though, and I really liked it. Its all maxis match stuff I love the table from Huge Lunatic.

Kitchen AD Screenshot          
#2 31-05-2010
A walnut!? BAH!

#3 31-05-2010
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I actually like it and don't agree on the walnut thing Smile It's clutterfree, true, but that's not always a bad thing Wink


#4 23-10-2010
I always create very cramped homes, where a kitchen seldom takes more than 12 squares, and often even less. Dining has to be done elsewhere. By design, such small places almost REQUIRE to be clutter-free, if sims are to move around in them...

Or maybe it's the other way around: I'm not creative in the cluttering department, so in order to not leave huge clutter-free open spaces, I build small!

But I still can appreciate larger and cluttered room designs by others, and the above looks GOOD! Wink


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