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  • Creator: Michelle
Okay, I know this is very naughty. I don't have permission to do this but as I'm not uploading it, it's for personal use only.

I love Moune's Le Morvan Super Set, however, there isn't a nursery with the set. So I decided to play around in Milkshape and see if I could make a toddler bed, changing table and potty to match.

Toddler beds I'd done before, so that was very easy, I have never done a change table before, this is my first, as for the potty...let just not go there. Confused

If you would like to check out Moune's Le Morvan Super Set you can find it HERE, as well as some other amazing sets.

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#2 12-02-2012
I have been seeing all those toddler beds on MTS - they are really cool.

Why not offer these extras to Moune? She seems very nice and will probably be delighted.

#3 12-02-2012
Very nice! I don't see what's wrong with showing pictures of stuff you made yourself, even if it's inspired on someone else's stuff! And you're even advertising for them!

However, if I may ask... Why didn't you link to the correct page?

Like this Le Morvan Superset

#4 12-02-2012
Maybe you mean direct page BO, as Shell was linking to the whole site Wink


Sorry, that is a members only option