No Ghosts At All Mod, +1 Annoyance fix
#1 15-02-2012 
I was wondering if you could make a "No Ghost" mod. Quite simply stopping all ghosts from spawning. EVER.

I have Googled it, and searched sites, but could not find this. I don't think it's been created.

The game tells them to NOT spawn in the day, so it seems like there would be a way to tell it not to spawn them.

This has annoyed me to no end before, but I wanted to make the story go along with a zombie apocalypse, and I really don't want any ghosts, but I NEED the tombstones.

Also, I don't know if this is possible, but I also really could use this. A no Grim Reaper mod. I know that in University, if your sim is eaten by a cowplant, the Grim Reaper does not come, but instead it just spits out a tombstone. Is there a way where the game could just generate the tombstone, without spawning the Grim Reaper?

This may be useful, it is the wiki on Death.
(I had no idea, that in TS1, you could die by spontaneous combustion! That's so cool!)

It seemed like the tombstone spawned automatically, from death by satellite without the Grim Reaper, as well, but the wiki doesn't say. It's been so long I can't remember...

This would be very appreciated. Heart
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#2 15-02-2012 
That is quite an order, Pickles. Tongue

My guess is that both your ideas should be possible. There indeed seems to be a way to keep ghosts from appearing, and if I can figure out how and where that happens in the code, I should be able to extend it to last the entire day and night.

And from taking apart the Cowplant (which I have been looking at recently anyway) I think it should be possible to find out how to disable Grimmy entirely too.

Understand that this is not a guarantee that it'll be done in a day, or even ever. It's only a promise that I'll look at it, and try to do this as fast as I can. I still have a lot of other things that I'm working on as well, you know?

#3 15-02-2012 
Oh thank you for taking a look at it. Smile It would be wonderful if you *could* do it, but yes I realize that there are no guarantees.

I'm well aware,*snickers* that you aren't a genie, and making a mod isn't as simple as waving a magic wand. LOL

I was just reading your guidelines, and thought I'd be rather specific, in case someone else spotted this thread, and knew about something that I missed or ways around it.

These are like the most needed for my game ATM...and I couldn't find them with Google... so I spoke up hoping for some help. Smile

I have low expectations, but .. I post my wish list around freely you could say.

And I really am grateful for WHATEVER attention you give this. Smile

This would be so cool though!
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#4 15-02-2012 
Yes, I appreciate how you got quite specific about what you're looking for. That is indeed the best way to get the help you need. If not from me, then from anyone else who's seen any appropriate mod elsewhere that you might have overlooked, or never even seen.

Thank you very much for understanding. Big Grin

#5 15-02-2012 
Pickles, would you be prepared to test something for me?

I think I've found the routine that checks if a ghost should spawn, and made it so that it ALWAYS reports "NO WAY"
I think I've also found the routine that normally makes Grimmy appear, and I simply short-circuited that to just create the tombstone for the corpse.

I'm not sure if what I did is good enough, so I need someone to test it for me.

#6 16-02-2012 
Love to! Smile
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#7 16-02-2012 
Ok, look at Ghost Busters (the mods). These should do it Smile


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