What Happens When You May Have To Start Over?
#1 26-02-2012 
So a little pre-amble first; I love Leefish and the Sims 2 and the fact these two things are so interlinked brings me so much joy. When I first discovered this site I was just getting back into the Sims 2 after having been so disappointed by The Sims 3, something which has not changed. The thing is one day I go to play TS2 and the game simply will not launch. So I try a couple more times and sometimes it would get to the neighborhood screen and pop up a "The Application has crashed" message and would CTD.

So after much thought I decided to uninstall and reinstall everything. All 8 EP's and 8 SP's (I don't actually have Happy Holiday stuff.) I go to play and without putting any CC in the game launches without a hitch until I get to the choose your neighborhood screen. This is when I get 4 back to back messages;

"You have recently uninstalled The Sims 2: Bon Voyage Expansion..."
"You have recently uninstalled The Sims 2: Apartment Life Expansion..."
"You have recently uninstalled The Sims 2: FreeTime Expansion..."
"You have recently uninstalled The Sims 2: Open For Business Expansion..."

Very odd seeing how I just reinstalled everything! Angry

Even without getting the messages which happened at least once, if I loaded a town BV and FT and OFB buttons were greyed out. I tried with both the base neighborhoods and my backed up neighborhood.

Now I once again uninstalled everything, went through the registry and removed everything Sims 2 related and am feeling unsure whether I want to take the plunge again.

What if I reinstall everything and it happens again?
What if it loads fine, but my backed up neighborhood is corrupt?
What do you do when you have to start all over again from the very start?

Thanks for listening, community.

Shane (AKA: XanderGC)

#2 26-02-2012 
Usually, all you need to do when the game crashes, is to delete the Groups.cache, and optionally the Accessories.cache. That should get the game going again, and if it doesn't... I guess we'll hear from you again. Smile

#3 26-02-2012 
Hmm, do you have original EPs and SPs? No collections? What OS do you have?

I know that installing TS2 on win7 was a bugger with my base game being the old 4cd's pack..... I had to install Base > then the next EP I installed was AL and then back to uni etc so I could avoid the "checking base game is uptodate" horror that was making base game not run.

Remember - if these are collections packs - NO AGS.
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#4 27-02-2012 
BO - Thanks, I usually do that but it didn't help in this case. Smile

@leefish: I'm an OG when it comes to the Sims 2, so I don't have any of the collections just the original EP's and SP's. I run Windows 7x64 bit and it worked before.

AL before UNI eh? I might have to try that. My other issue is even if I get the game up and running again if I can't play with my backed up neighborhood would I still want to play?
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#5 27-02-2012 
That is a hard one I know. But in theory - you can use the backed up hood I think - you would need also need the same download folder files perhaps - I don't know.....
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#6 01-03-2012 
Thanks I may just have to try one last time. I'll keep you posted.
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#7 13-03-2012 


@leefish - Thank you for your suggestion! I don't know if that was exactly what it was that fixed it but I am sure it helped.

Got my Sims 2 back with all my CC and most importantly my town back. Who knew I'd miss the game so much. Smile
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#8 13-03-2012 
Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate

That's great! Hooray for working games!!
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#9 13-03-2012 
Yay for the return of TS2. It would have been a terrible shame to have lost your families, so I am super pleased they were saved.
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#10 13-03-2012 
Congrats on getting your families (and everything else) back, Xander. Nothing sucks more than losing it all...


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