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  • Creator: leefish
I was wandering about on MTS and stumbled across an old favourite - Postcards Galore by Mary-Lou and Numenor

Unfortunately (it is an old upload - it is not allowed anymore) all of the images were hosted on another site.... and that site had closed and yea - all the images were for shop.WIKI.

So I replaced a fair few - here are the pics I took.

Postcards Galore Screenshot Postcards Galore Screenshot Postcards Galore Screenshot        
#2 05-03-2012
OMG! I've never seen these before, they look so real. Dodgy Ummm! You sure you didn't Photoshop them into the pictures. Wink

#3 06-03-2012
These are really one of my fave things - depending on what EP's you have the rack is more and more interactive. You can even have them on an OFB lot and the sim can sell them in the business. Even cooler - the rack changes configuration depending on where it is placed.

#4 07-03-2012
Oh you hero! Those are great pics. Probably better than the originals. Really cool item too.


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