Another picture I made way back when for LS. I liked making Ads, it was fun and I learned a lot about posing sims and hiding plumbobs and such like.

The little lot in the background was part of my lost hood, Simton. I miss that hood, I should rebuild it I guess, but so much of it was local - stupid of me. I lost it all when my hard drive crashed - all that is left is the station and a couple of other small lots on MTS :/ It says Pleasantview on the picture because the mag wanted it to be something relevant to all games, not just mine.

Bonfire Screenshot          
#2 17-05-2011
I really like that house, how did they get sparklers?

#3 17-05-2011
Gosh, I can't remember - I THINK its in one of the stuff packs - celebrations maybe?

#4 17-05-2011
I dont think so Lee.
I think that comes with the holiday ones (anyone have happy holidays ??)
Anyhoo Lee. I like the picture


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