A small community lot i am working on. I am mostly happy with hoe it all is turning out.

The empty space beside the building is planned to become or to be used as a graveyard, its lacking graves for now. trying to see if i can find some download-able decorative ones. I am sure i have seen those somewhere, just need to remember where.

Anyways, feedback is welcome. not sure if i will make this a download, or if people would be interested.

Small church Screenshot Small church Screenshot          
#2 09-03-2012
That is looking neat - I think there are some deco graves on MTS.

There are definitely these:


CrabofDoom is a reliable creator so they should be fine.

Maybe see if you can use a roof cheat to get the roof of the tower a bit pointier?

#3 14-03-2012
I'd love to see some pics of the inside, and the graveyard when it is finished. Looks good so far.

#4 30-03-2012
First and foremost, i apologize for taking so long to reply.

Thanks f0or the links. i downloaded the gravestones and added them to the lot, so now the graveyard has graves in it. i also made the roof a bit more pointy.

I made some new photos, and will now try to see if i can add them to this topic.

the interior so far is still empty. i still have to decide what to put inside! Its a bit small in there, only 5 tiles wide, so i am thinking some benches, and maybe a soda and snack machine to keep sims needs up a bit when they visit the place. Ideas/tips are welcome.


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