• Manly Guybrows
  • Creator: Cmo
A long time ago, I some tried making some eyebrows that were unkempt and more manly, 'guybrows' if you will. They turned out the way I wanted, but I have this fear of uploading CAS stuff(stupid, I know), so they sat on my comp, which eventually died, sending the guybrows to oblivion.
Well, Lee and I were talking, and somehow the guybrows were brought up. She suggested I redo them, so I did(she is a very persuasive fishy). They are based on Tom Cruise's eyebrows. In the process, I also made this sim that I was quite pleased with, seeing as I suck at making sims. I have two more guybrows I want to finish, then I will upload all three.

Manly Guybrows Screenshot          
#2 10-03-2012
Those eyebrows are just what my latest sim needs (he is in custom brows right now but they are a bit thick)


#3 10-03-2012
Hmmm. You want me to go ahead and upload these by themselves?

#4 10-03-2012
I could test them.... the first ones. Big Grin


Sorry, that is a members only option