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Now your sims can drink alcoholic beverages from the base game expensive bar. I added new pie menus to the poured interaction of bourbon, whiskey, vermouth, rum, vodka, and brandy. Teens can't use the alcoholic drinks, but can still use the Maxis poured or blended drinks. The bar is a non-default bar. The bar is found in general/party and costs 1,000 simoleons. Enjoy!
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Feel free to use them however you want, please don't steal them. That is all.

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#2 16-03-2012
And if a sim has a few more than is good for them, do they actually get plastered, rubbish-faced or blended? Would be cool to see sims swagger around the lot, getting anywhere but where they're TRYING to go... Tongue

#3 16-03-2012
Maybe someone with the skill could add these actions to the bar Wink

#4 16-03-2012
Jon should have a go at it Big Grin

@Boiling Oil This object pretty much does what you want it to:

Cmo's Tiki Bar


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