Question about Multipacks in simPE
#1 19-03-2012 
Okay, so I know that when you are cloning anything to make it base game compatible you need to untick all of the boxes in the filetable except for base, CEP, and graphics. Well I purchased my games as multipacks like The Fun With Pets Collection, University Life Collection. I have to browse for the folders for the EPs to show up in Object Workshop in System Folders under preferences. I was wondering if there was a way to clear them, or if my objects are still base game compatible even without clearing them since they are not in the filetable, but in System Folders. I have no way to test myself to see if anything is base game compatible, because I downloaded my games from Origin and the Base Game Starter only works with games purchased on disk.

#2 22-03-2012 
I believe you can do that in Extra-Preferences-File Table

(Not the System Folders)
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#3 17-04-2012 
The filetable tabs for all of the multipack games like University, Pets, OFB are all greyed out. The object workshop still shows them though because it's in system folders instead of filetable.


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