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A nice surprise today in my inbox - a message from a user saying that they had used my sim James Simmery in a story they were making in their game Big Grin

I have posted a couple of the pics here and here is a link to the blog where you can follow James' story as a Private Investigator in Bridgeport.


Yea, it kind of made my day. I like it when people use my things in their game.

James Simmery - PI Screenshot James Simmery - PI Screenshot          
#2 22-03-2012
That's great, Lee! Big Grin He's a good-looking lad; I like both your original James (and I really like that he's working for SIMI6 and not CISIM or SIMBI or somesuch. Terribly Eurocentric of me, I know) and the user's slightly tweaked one. I'm going to keep an eye on that blog. Smile


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