Happy Birthday BoilingOil
#1 23-03-2012 
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Hope you have a fantastic birthday BO baby, lots of cyber snogs coming your way.

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#2 23-03-2012 
OMG - Happy Birthday BO.

I hope this year is a good one for you.
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#3 23-03-2012 
Happy Birthday! May you be blessed abundantly in the coming year.
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#4 23-03-2012 
It's a good thing I didn't see this thread, because BOY would I be pissed if I did... Rofl

Thanks everybody... Last year was a good year, let's see the next one top this!

#5 23-03-2012 
Happy birthday BO!
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#6 23-03-2012 
Happy birthday, BO! What a relief you didn't see this thread, because we wouldn't want the Grumpy Old Man to get even grumpier (even if he's become older). Wink
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#7 24-03-2012 
No, indeed you wouldn't want that Rofl Thanks, Nix and Xander Smile

#8 30-03-2012 
A bit late, but i hope you had a happy birthday!
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#9 30-03-2012 
Tuurlijk! Best day of the year! Big Grin


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