What other Sims games do you play?
#11 02-04-2012 
I started playing sims just as sims 2 came out. My daughter asked for sims 1 for Christmas so we bought it for her, she didn't play for long but I got hooked! Played 1 for ages before I bought 2. I have 3 but I'm still learning how to play it, I find it really dark. What I don't like is the FB version of sims!
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#12 02-04-2012 
I did have a go at Sim Social - but I did not really like it. No matter what they do, they cannot hide the fact that the gameplay is designed around - making money. I realise I have spent a small fortune on sims games, but they feel more permanent. I have my disc etc.

I think that is why I don't buy from the EA store. Look at all those poor sods who have the Downloaded Store Edition of TS2. You uninstall and lose the backup - you lose the game.
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#13 02-04-2012 
You'll never find ME playing Sims Social or ANY online games. I have played some online games, such as Silk Road, for a while but that's how I found out it's not my thing.

I take a very long time to learn, and by the time I'm beginning to get it, I've been killed a million times by the first kid that just came online... No thank you.

#14 07-04-2012 
I have every TS1 EP except for Vacations. I absolutely loved Makin' Magic. I also had SimCity4 which was fun for a while, but other than those and TS2/3, I'm not much of a gamer.

#15 07-04-2012 
I played the Sims 1 quite a bit. Sims Online, very briefly, when it had a free trial, right before it shut down. I played all three of the Sims Stories Series. I tried to play SimCity 4 but it didn't hold my interest...

I played SimAnt and SimEarth way back in the day.

I think that about covers it.

#16 07-04-2012 
Sim Tower was also a pretty awesome game.
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#17 08-04-2012 
Yup, I liked Sim Tower! But Sim Earth was cool, too. I wish someone would make somewhat more modern versions of those, that would look and run well on today's systems.

#18 08-04-2012 
Me, I started with TS1 - got it for free with a computer and was instantly hooked. My last EP was Unleashed, though, I didn't really like the later ones. I also briefly played Sims Online (also with a free trial), but it didn't hold my interest for very long. I've played Life Stories (got it for my notebook), and I've recently started playing SimCity 4, mostly because I want to learn how to make my own terrains, but I do like the whole city building, too. (I used to like playing Caesar III back in the day, where you build cities in the Roman empire. Sometimes I think plagues and invading German hordes were easier to deal with than those pesky advisers in SC4... Tongue)
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#19 08-04-2012 
I also played SimCity 4 and I like that you can design new terrains for TS2 with it. When I got SimCity 4 as a part of The Sim City Box Collection I also got the expansion (Rush Hour) and the spiritual sequel and it's expansion: SimCity Societies. Do yourself a favor and never play that game.

BO - I agree that Sim Earth and Sim Tower should be remade for today's day and age. Although Tiny Tower is kinda close.
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#20 08-04-2012 
Actually, SimCity Societies is heaps of fun for me, as long as I don't kid myself into expecting a SimCity experience. I'm currently trying to build a city that's based on spookiness: haunted houses and graveyards everywhere... Smile


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