What other Sims games do you play?
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Maybe I'll enjoy it if I don't mind that it isn't classic SimCity gameplay. The different society types were kinda cool, but it just didn't feel like SimCity. Maybe I'll have to give it another shot.
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Yeah, exactly! If you just try it without any SimCity expectations, and just look at it as a completely different game, you'll suddenly see that it's fun.

At first, you have a limited number of building types available, and then you need to make certain achievements to enable more buildings, which allow you to expand certain aspects faster.

A very fast way to develop a city is to emphasize spirituality. Build a few missions, and you can start putting up very cheap housing. Most low-level buildings handle no more than a handful of sims, but some of the spiritual residences allow you to add 90 sims per building very early in the game. Then start adding quilting circles for commerce... 6 sim weeks and your city is all over the map!

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fanseelamb;10742 Wrote:I loved Sims 2 Castaway though. Going through the little story was FUN. Very easy gameplay, but charming and funny and just... fun. I liked that it was different from regular Sims 2. Can't go spear fishing and play with orangutans in regular Sims 2! I even put my own sims and some CC in the free play neighbourhood. The gameplay is limited, but it's fun to see my fave simmies doing Castaway activities. And if you have a good graphics card, the water in it is spectacular. Haven't done so in a long time but I'll still fire it up once in a while to mess around in that free-play 'hood.

I agree on Castaway, I have pretty much all the converted stuff from MATY in real Sims 2, for use on Twikii Island. I really wish I had the orangutans though, and with a proper male version of the mesh with cheek pads. The water is much better as you note and would have been a nice thing for them to give us in M&G or something. One of the nicest looking converted objects is the Castaways bird cage, but it unfortunately doesn't work because you can't buy food for the bird and it dies.

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I have played:
Sim City
Sim Safari
All the Sims 1, Sims2, Sims LS, Sims PS, SimsCS, Sims3 up to, but not including Sim Safari.

I got SimCity 4 for the building hood capability, but then never did it.

And I play SimSocial on Facebook - but its about to come off the list of Facebook games I play. I prefer the hidden object, and scrabble games.


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