This Glass box engine is looking amazing. PLEASE please let it not be the bag of laggy FAIL sims3 is.

I am looking forward to SimCity.

Link to official website : SimCity

#2 25-03-2012
That actually looks kind of like it should be! That sort of details would certainly be a pro to buying it, because without it I couldn't justify a new SimCity clone.
I just hope it won't require me to be online while playing, or to have anything to do with Origin, because either of those would totally put me off!

#3 25-03-2012
BO, you make an excellent point. I was reading this over on the EA forums :

Will Server Shutdown affect SimCity?

It looks scary. I for one have NO faith in EA and if it requires the use of the EA servers to play ANY kind of extra content or scenario's then it is an absolute NO from me regarding purchase.

I fear the rise of a Ubisoft approach to Piracy Management.

#4 25-03-2012
Exactly! Recently, when they were teaming up with Origin, they took down their old site while the new site wasn't ready yet. For me, that meant I could NOT play SimCity Societies, because the Launcher couldn't connect to EA to check for updates, and therefor simply refused to open the game! I was cut off from one of my favorite games for as long as it took EA to get their act together... several weeks at least!

That will not happen to me again!

#5 25-05-2012
And this is why the only online game I play is WoW - that have a proven track record of being up apart from the weekly scheduled maintenance. It looks interesting, but any requirement for online-ness results in a no-thankyou from me.


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