Well, I never knew that....
#1 01-04-2012 
From Ray Mazza's Blog:

I was over on this chaps blog - he is a developer for EA. Apparently he is the chap that made the easel for sims2.

Quote:....The first secret I put in a game was when I was a gameplay engineer on Sims 2. When a cop arrests a burglar from your home, the cop leads the thug to his cruiser, shoves him in back, then finds your Sim to say good bye. During this brief moment when the cop isn't in sight of the cop car, if you happen to click on it, an option pops up to release the burglar. Your Sim will sprint to the car, and pull out the burglar, who will then get a huge relationship bonus with you and sprint away. Of course, the cop gets pissed.......

* leefish fires up Sims2

#2 01-04-2012 
Hahaha, either this is a marvellous April Fools joke, or this is the best-hidden easter egg ever! We'll find out soon enough! Smile
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#3 01-04-2012 
What the heck. Well that's gotta be the best kept secret ever! LOL!

#4 01-04-2012 
I actually did know this but for some reason it doesn't always work. Either the window is super small or it doesn't always appear. I've probably gotten it to work at least once.
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#5 08-05-2012 
I've done this Smile I didn't realise it was an easter egg.

#6 08-05-2012 
so it IS true Big Grin
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#7 09-05-2012 
It is true but so mega rare, a great way to meet the burlgar on friendlier terms though lol.
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