Appropriate Practice of Other Vacation Actions
#1 05-04-2012 
I cracked open Pescado's antivacationactions and dropped his treatment of Dragon Legend, Fire Dance, and Sea Shanty into your mod (cut and paste only, no BHAV editing.) Post this version as an update or alternate if you are so inclined. It should prevent autonomous executions of the above activities in inappropriate locations in addition to the advantages your mod offers. It occurs to me too that Smustle could be handled the same way as Hula and Slap Dance, autonomously available for everyone on downtown lots only, and always available to downtownies.

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Interesting! Some people have asked for more actions to be included in this mod, but I'm a bit swamped so I never go round to it. I'll look over your changes, my friend. Thanks.

Also, your idea of limiting the Smustle is interesting. However, I think that should belong to a different mod, because the Smustle isn't really a Vacation action, which is what this mod was about. And my mod "music & dance fixes" already completely kills all autonomous smustling...

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Right, I realize that Smustle is not a vacation action, I just thought it would make sense for it to be here because the Hula and Slap Dance tests here (refering to the MDF version) overwrite the ones in Music and Dance Fixes, and the test for the Smustle is not overwritten, thus if that were added to this, behavior of all locale-based dances would be consistent. I think I may take a look at it and see if I can't more or less clone the Hula or Slap test and plug in specifics pertaining to the Smustle.

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Don't worry about it, my friend. I'm already working on it, but it will be either a separate mod, or and update of Music & Dance fixes. I do NOT want to add the smustle to the Vacation-actions mod Smile

I'm also enhancing your additions, so the locals of the vacation-hoods can still do these actions if they're visiting your sim in his/her own sub-hood. Only one question remains: from what hood does the Hermit come? I've never met this character!

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The hermit is the "Wise Old Man" you meet if you travel to the secret lot in the Far East. Met the Witch Doctor? The hermit is a similar deal.
Instead of the voodoo doll the Witch Doctor gives, the hermit gives a scroll. When it's in a sim's inventory the sim can do the Dragon Legend social.

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Ah, ok... Thanks. Then I know just what to do.

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#8 05-04-2012 
Ah, your Google-FU is better than mine. I didn't need that much info, though... but I still appreciate it. I just needed to know what sub-hood he came from, because that was important for the mod Smile

By the way, did you notice that my Vacation Action Limited mod has been updated today? Smile

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Great News! Thank you! Sorry for the delayed reply, I am on a bit of a Sims kick at the moment and fussing with my downloads.


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