#21 07-01-2014 
Thank you so much, Leefish! The solid fast version would be totally cool, whatever is easiest for you. And wow to Michelle Heart It looks exactly how I imagined it; you're a mind reader! If Leefish slaves the security key card door then the no keycard version will be a bonus. Smile

Thank you both sincerely and very much.

#22 07-01-2014 
Ok, I have this so far - is that right? It is the value door with a hoteldoor handle. The two outer doors are the value door. You will see on the two new doors that the round circle of the original shadow (it is painted on the wood) is showing - I can move the handle a smidge closer to the frame if you like? The handle is a recolorable subset.

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#23 07-01-2014 
Yes! This is it exactly.

#24 07-01-2014 
Is uploaded Tongue

#25 07-01-2014 
Looks good Lee...and I will do the recolour today sometime, nanashi If you want other colours just let me know please.

#26 08-01-2014 
Umm... is it okay to squeal with delight all over this thread? Really, thank you both sooooo very much. Both of your submissions are amazing and will be kept and used for life!

#27 02-08-2014 
Hello! I've been using Nengi's Sea and Surf build set and the glass door doesn't let in light. I made a valiant effort
[Image: sea_surf_door_zpsae94ffa0.jpg]
but overall I wouldn't call it a success Blush
Lee, since this isn't a Maxis/EA match build item, I completely understand if you'd rather not. But would it be possible for you to please fix Nengi's door to let the sunshine in? I've uploaded her original and its diagonal, my attempt (but no diagonal), and a windkeeper door I thought would work for cloning (base-game? one subset? with glass?) here in case you feel like being awesome, no pressure!
Thank you for considering it Smile

#28 03-08-2014 
* leefish downloads to look

#29 03-08-2014 
@shastakiss I have the light working (ended up cloning the mauritania) - but do you have the window the door is pulling the texture from? Its very distracting trying to work on a blue flashy thing Big Grin

Found the set on box.

#30 03-08-2014 
Ack the door is slaved to the window somehow?? What? Well sharpen my feet and pound me into the ground... Lee, I'm very sorry I didn't include the window and made more work for you! But thank you very much for looking at it, I'm very grateful Shy


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