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Yeah I have 2 adult sims but when clicking the toddler the option still doesn't appear for me. I had the one of the mothers to click on the toddler and the only option I get is talk to play with and a few others except no nursery rhyme

#92 21-09-2018 
The adult must be active (the plumbob must be over their head) and you don't touch the toddler.

When you click the adult, the option should not be "Sing nursery rhyme" but "Teach nursery rhyme to ..." and the dots would be the name of the toddler! But as far as I know, the Toddler must be able to talk, in order to learn it. Also, I believe that the toddler and the parent must like each other enough for the option to appear. So I would suggest that you have that parent play with and talk to the toddler some more to improve their relationship.

Also, if you have my mod BO - Less Toddler Annoyance, the option might not appear if the toddler is already playing with something. In a perfect world, this should only work when the parent is autonomous, but we do not live in a perfect world.

Finally, if you make the toddler active and then click him, and the option "Sing nursery rhyme" is already there, you CANNOT teach that toddler the nursery rhyme anymore, because it already knows it!


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