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About: Two young Jewish comic artists who create a character for a comic. The most important theme of the novel is escapism. The comic book character, The Escapist, created by Kavalier and Clay, symbolises Joe's escape from Prague and Nazi-occupied Europe as well as Sammy's more metaphorical escape from himself. This idea of escape plays a major role in dictating the actions of the two major characters throughout the book.

I had heard a lot about this book, and I really enjoyed "The Yiddish Policemans Ball", but somehow....it was good, but not incredible. Very John Irving. That's not really a bad thing as I have a full set of John Irving's novels on the book shelf - but more about him later.

Its a mix of a coming of age story and a fairly accurate behind the scenes look at the birth of the comic book industry. I would recommend it, but the Yiddish Policemans Ball is better.

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Awesome book
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Why not tell us about that Policeman book then? You seem to prefer it.Tongue
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