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One of my tee shirt models (hair by HystericalParoxysm and fanseelamb) in my test neighborhood was trying on shirts and there were butterflies outside. I promptly put him in the butterfly tee for a photo op.

As per leefish's prompt, and in spite of my initial reluctance, I decided to post a flickr link here after all. Mostly, these are screenshots of some baggy tee recolors I have been working on. I think of them as a sort of "first real project" and there are several which I don't intend to keep. Please comment (preferably on flickr, beneath the picture), a little feedback, good or bad, may encourage me to actually continue working on them. I sort of lost interest somewhere in the tedium of making teen and child repository versions.

These are separates, so I am only working on the tops. I believe all of the bottoms pictured are EAxis, except for some CatOfEvilGenius board shorts.

Baggy Tees from free dingbats... Screenshot          
#2 06-04-2012
Those look great - your pics are good too. I am going to repost your flickr link - leefishers - to FLICKR

Please comment here : COMMENTS AND PICS

#3 06-04-2012
Me again. I did comment on a pic - blimey - there are LOADS - and I will go back and look at some more later.

They look very good, on some the decal is a bit TOO strong. I think a slightly lower opacity would make them look more printed as the shading on the tshirt would show through more.

#4 07-04-2012
Thank you. I was doing about 75-80% although it varies from shirt to shirt. I will tone it down more. I should probably start saving my psd files so I can go back and adjust these things, right? Big Grin


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