This is a WIP, but I just have to show it off anyway. Big Grin

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a one-tile trampoline for your Sims, where your adult and kid Sims alike can bounce themselves to some body skill (see the skill meter?). The trampoline is animated, of course (which sadly sounds more impressive than it is - it uses morphs), and jiggles properly as the Sim bounces.

You can guess what kind of object my starting point was, right?

I still have some mesh tweaking to do and the texture obviously needs some serious work, but the trampoline functions just like I wanted it to. Smile This was a "function before form" object - it would have been sad if I had made the mesh first and polished it up to perfection, and then had found out I couldn't get the object to work...

Bounce! Screenshot          
#2 08-04-2012
OH wow! This is fantastic! Now I wish I still played TS2...

#3 08-04-2012
That looks amazing Nix.

I know what you mean with function before form - Fansee and I have a LOVELY coffin that we cannot fix the lid anims on - after we had spent hours on the mesh and textures. Sad

#4 08-04-2012
Ooh, looking forward to that one! Looks great fun.


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