Changes to DLs system
#1 06-06-2010 
Those of you who wander about the sims community a lot may have noticed that at least 3 sims forums are run on the MyBB free forum software. Those forums are LivingSims, The SimSupply and LeeFish.

I chose MyBB for LeeFish because I had used it on LivingSims and knew what a great forum software it was, not least because of the many plug ins you can get for it to extend the functionality.

I am using an amazing plug in at the moment - called Xthreads. The average forum user does not even know it is there, but its making lots of cool things possible here on LeeFish - the uploads wizard in Finds and Downloads and SimsPics is 90% based on Xthreads, but until now I have been using the MyBB attachments system as other parts of the forum (especially anything including picture display) were not tied into it.

I got some help from the plugin developer - (an incredibly nice guy btw) and now I can display Xthreads picture attachments on the forum. Its really great and I am so proud that I managed to make a little bit of it possible.

So, expect some chaos.....
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