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#1 06-06-2010 
I was wandering about on the internet and I got to thinking where do all those webdesigners get that Lorem ipsum stuff? Surely there must be a generator that makes it for you?

Yes, there is. Here is the link. Very cool.

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#2 18-01-2011 
Thats cool. Most of the use it a default text which indicates that the owner can put up any things according to their wish!
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#3 18-01-2011 
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Neopets doesn't like some of it, but it's still very useful for layout making, especially to test scrolling DIVs
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#4 25-04-2012 
Lorem Ipsum is awesome and a great way to test content out.

Here are some that are fun and simple to use:

  • http://baconipsum.com/
  • http://comicipsum.com/
  • http://cupcakeipsum.com/
  • http://hipsteripsum.me/
  • http://html-ipsum.com/
  • http://notloremipsum.com/
  • http://veganipsum.com/

Image Placeholders:

  • http://placebear.com/
  • http://placekitten.com/
  • http://placehold.it/

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#5 01-05-2012 
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Yay - I thought I was the only one who liked placekitten Big Grin

#6 02-05-2012 
Kittens are awesome lol and make for great placeholder images.
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