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Shih Tzus, made long ago from scratch in Create-A-Pet... As I felt guilty for not getting too far with my tees, I figured I'd upload something that was made long ago and has gotten plenty of mileage in my own game. These are popular pups with my sims; these, toy poodles and pit bulls for some reason...
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Please do not charge for, or otherwise restrict access to, my uploads or anything derived from them, but I invite modification and further development of any of my content. Due credit is righteous and appreciated, but I have neither the time nor the interest to track anyone down who fails to observe this guideline, credit me at your own discretion. Other than that, do as you see fit.

Shih Tzus in four coat colors... Screenshot Shih Tzus in four coat colors... Screenshot Shih Tzus in four coat colors... Screenshot Shih Tzus in four coat colors... Screenshot Shih Tzus in four coat colors... Screenshot      
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#13 22-04-2012
Yes, I agree with trout and nixnivis with regards to opinions on upload. But, being a relatively new uploader I've found their comments and help invaluable in preparing my lots for upload. You could try the creator's feedback forum (I lurk there quite a lot!), that's generally a helpful place to be, and the mods like it if you've been there too! It took me 3 goes to get my first upload accepted and I nearly gave up (I must admit it was really to do with my images though (Lee helped me with that)).

#14 22-04-2012
Yes, it *is* true that posting in CFF is seen favourably by the moderators. I must admit, I very rarely post in CFF (even when I was quite new I rarely posted) because I am usually pretty clear on what I want something to look like and so if I post but don't really want feedback then I am just pimping my latest upload in CFF which is not good.

I think that rawmilk905 is not really looking to change these pups and that posting in CFF may not answer the purpose for him.

In general, I think CFF is a neat idea and can really help.

#15 22-04-2012
Heart Thanks everyone, for your help. Lee, you are right. I only uploaded these because I like them and use them often and consider them some of my best "work" in CAS/CAP and I wanted to add another submission to MTS and share something else with people on LeeFish before I was able to complete the tees (I have 3 completed that I feel are pretty solid, and one I am questioning, for a beach/nautical set of 10, pics forthcoming.) I will do as Trout suggests and offer to submit only new pics if that is acceptable. If not, I may just let some time pass and resubmit the entire thing with new pics and hope that someone else reviews the submission.


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