What is Green and How do I Get It?
#1 18-04-2012 
I notice some members names are in green, was wondering how do you a get a green name? I had a pink one for a while that only showed up in some places, which was probably a glitch. I reckon it's post count? Am I right? Or something more?

#2 18-04-2012 
Its a promotion thing. It runs on post count yes.

Re the pink - yea, that was a CSS fail on my part Big Grin

Only dal is allowed to be pink really.
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#3 18-04-2012 
Thanks, I assume the user titles are based on post count as well except for the custom ones. BTW, I was wondering if a user title can be changed per request like on plumb bob keep?

#4 18-04-2012 
Sure can, as long as the requested title isn't offensive to anyone. Just say what you want it to be (and think it over carefully, because we're not changing it daily Big Grin), and I'll fix you up.

#5 18-04-2012 
Can I request, SpongeBobSim Frycook? Wanted to stick with the under the sea thing, and my favorite type of thing to make (food and food based items).

#6 18-04-2012 
Like that?

#7 18-04-2012 
* must clean glasses before reading posts
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#8 19-04-2012 
BoilingOil;11579 Wrote:Like that?

Yeah, thanks BO, no don't worry about me wanting a new user title all the time, I've kept the one over at PBK for ages now, like it the way it is, and no need to change it. This is fine too. If I do request one it will be in the very far future no doubt.


Sorry, that is a members only option