Any Creators Ever Feel Like Giving Up After the UmpTeenth Try?
#1 18-04-2012 
Okay guys, let me tell you all about it. I had the bright idea to make a game mod where sims can listen to music on the computer, which turned into trying to make it an iTunes video game, which turned into an obsession, which turned into a disaster, so now after just nigh on 24 hours straight work on it, I'm ready to give up on it. At least for today, and I still have to stay up for a very important appointment today at 1:30 pm (it's now 10:25 am) So just wondering to any creators have any of you had this killer idea or big project, and finally just said "enough is enough"? Want to hear what some of your projects were and all that good stuffz. I remember whiterider once told me about how she was going to try to do 10 adult careers in 10 days but gave up (I can't blame her, a lot goes into careers).

#2 18-04-2012 
I once got the idea to find a way to make sims actually *really* change gender while they were kidnapped by aliens. This can not be done!
I also wanted to have sims be converted to Servos... Impossible too, and even if one could, it wouldn't be wise because it's irreversable.

Those are the only two things I ever actually gave up on. Everything else is just still in the oven...
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#3 19-04-2012 
I think it is a very natural thing to feel that way and even though I'm not a creator persay I do understand what you are going through. Perhaps it might be time to put the project down for a bit somethings trying to force something to work and it doesn't just means you need to refresh and come back at it with a fresh mind an a new angle.
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#4 19-04-2012 
I give up all the time. I have loads of abandoned projects that really are just not what I hoped for and I was unable to get any help on it. I am not a very persistent type so I just give up. As soon as it stops being fun and turns into a grind then really you should ask why you are making it.

The only things I have not given up on are things I truly wanted for me. Even then, I have sometimes had to accept that perfect is not going to happen. I hate that.
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#5 19-04-2012 
I never give up on any project. I always complete every project I start, no matter how much trouble it gives me.

* Cmo shoves all his fails in the closet so no one can see...
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#6 19-04-2012 
talking of closets...... what ever happened to that walk-in closet of yours?
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#7 19-04-2012 
* Cmo shoves walk-in closet into closet Tongue
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#8 20-04-2012 
Ooh! Closet in a closet! I like that idea.
* levini walks into the walk in closet within the closet (Paradox Potential)

Anyhoo, I have tons of projects I gave up on , only when it is a request or when I am poked by a certain fishy (Or I simply want it) will I persist on stuff.

#9 20-04-2012 
I work on things until I stop having fun... so if I finish before I get bored/frustrated with it, then it gets done.

#10 20-04-2012 
I've spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours on things that I find out just can't work or that I don't have the skill to make happen. That happens on every single thing I do. All those hours down the drain but I enjoy the challenge of it which is how a hobby should be--I just wish my success ratio was higher. lol


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