• The Boris Set (aka the super slot project)
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Included in the set are two shelving units both found in decorative/misc (in case you don't have OFB or AL) an end table, a two tile coffee table, and a one tile coffee table, and 2 recolors in light and dark wood. All of the items have extra slots for placing whatever you like. All of the meshes are slaved to the large wall unit. This means that none of the meshes are recolorable, except for the large wall unit, and any recolors of the large wall unit you have in your downloads folder will show in this as well. Also, the large wall unit is required to see the textures of the wood in the other meshes. A note when using cheats - If you want the slots to show up properly when using boolPropSnapObjectsToGrid false, and boolProp Allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true (and using < and > keys with the diagonal cheat) you will have to first place my meshes without using cheats, and then place the decor items, and then use the cheats.


[Image: thumb640x480]


[Image: thumb640x480]

[Image: thumb640x480]

Prices and Poly Counts

Tall Wall Unit - Price - 365 Poly Count - 414
Short Wall Unit - Price - 370 - Poly Count - 222
Two Tile Coffee Table - Price 370 - Poly Count - 138
One Tile Coffee Table - Price - 135 Poly Count - 62
End Table - Price - 310 - Poly Count - 62

Many thanks to leefish herself, without her useful tutorial I would have never have learned slots in the first place. And, oops, I included recolors of all the other stuff, which you don't really need because they are slaved to the tall wall unit, so I'm editing, sorry bout that.

Hey, so sorry once again, I forgot to enable the colors to pull, please re-download. Last time, I promise!
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Feel free to use them however you want, please don't steal them. That is all.

The Boris Set (aka the super slot project) Screenshot The Boris Set (aka the super slot project) Screenshot The Boris Set (aka the super slot project) Screenshot        
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#2 21-04-2012
I feel some more AL wood recolours coming up, thank Jon. Smile

#3 21-04-2012
Remember, you just have to recolor the tall one, the other ones aren't recolorable (repoed).

#4 22-04-2012
Very interesting. I'm out to slotify my sims world and this is very helpful.


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