• Cut Outs! New Shelves for Clutter-a-holics
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Mustluvcatz Wrote:Inspired by Ogularama's wall shelf - a new shelving system for your sims. These are meant to go IN the wall like the shelf that inspired them. If you have Nightlife and Apartment Life, you can also have shelves on a half-wall. Each shelf has 3 slots for a total of 9 slots.
No cheats are needed to place any of the meshes. Sims can not walk through them either- so no worries about your sims walking through the walls. Smile
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With credit and a link, please DO:

- make recolours of my meshes and redistribute the meshes together with your recolours

- include my Bodyshop items with your Sims and my objects with your lots

- use my creations in screenshots, movies or stories; credit is appreciated, but in no way required

But please DON'T:

- take my work and claim it as your own

- upload my work as-is on any website or forum

- use my textures as a base for your recolours

- upload my work on pay/donation sites or to The Sims Resource - yes, that's even though TSR are supposed to be "nice" these days.

- alter or convert my meshes without permission

Thank you for downloading, and Happy Simming!

Cut Outs! New Shelves for Clutter-a-holics Screenshot Cut Outs! New Shelves for Clutter-a-holics Screenshot    
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#2 21-04-2012
Hmm, these look really good _ I remember I had one of these a long time ago from awesims(?) and I liked it, but the items on the shelf were fixed.

I tend NOT to use this kind of thing because the wall gets cut and no paper can go on it.

Great find though - much better as proper shelves.

#3 22-04-2012
Thanks for posting these, Nix. Smile There is so much great stuff for the sims scattered about that I never see.

#4 23-04-2012
@Lee, when you say paper, do you mean wallpaper? Because I have no problems whatsoever with that in my game. (The shelves per se don't punch a hole in the wall; you put the hole in manually. Unless I've misunderstood MLC's post completely, it's actually a window. Smile)

@Honeywell, I know, there are so many Sims sites out there, the mind boggles: every day, I come across sites I'd never heard of before, without even looking. But MLC site is one that I like to keep an eye on. Smile


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