Resolved - Error: Reference to tree table entry that does not exist.
#1 24-04-2012 
I have an outdoor set I've been working on (that I thought was done actually) and one of the pieces is a buyable garden plot that you can use in planters. It works almost perfectly except I've noticed that sometimes--not always and not right away--strays come on the lot and cause this error: Reference to tree table entry that does not exist. I have no idea what they're trying to do or how to fix it only that it seems to be in response to my garden planters. Does know what that means? Or know what I should be looking at to fix this?

[Image: tieredplanter.jpg]

Error Log:
see attached

I can not for the life of me get this error to occur on any other lot using these plants/planters/garden plants in any combination and I can't see anything in the bhavs that references pets. I'm going to chalk this up as an aberration and move on and not worry about it--thanks to everyone for your help. Smile

#2 24-04-2012 
hmm, this is looking like one for BO. It seems - that the pet is trying to use the planter? What did you clone from? Was it a base game item? Do you have plants in the planter from a pets game where a pet is trying to get to them but cannot?

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#3 24-04-2012 
Thanks, Lee. Smile I looked for an attachment button and didn't see one.

It's actually not the planters I don't think (they're cloned from SilentLucidity's BG OMSPs) but it has something to do with the either the garden plot or maybe the garden plants themselves. Or maybe it is the tiered planter since I had to add three additional slots to it but my sims have absolutely no problems tending all of the plants I put in there so wouldn't that mean the pets could reach everything too?

With the garden plot the only thing I did was clone it and make it so you can put it in a slot so your sims can have container gardens. So you buy the plot and put it in the planter and then all of the other garden interactions are the same as planting any other garden--your sim just does it in the planter.

Hmm, maybe I can put some of the garden plots on the ground and see if I get the same error. It's hard to tell though because pets don't always cause the error. :/

Or maybe it doesn't have anything to do with my object? I pulled my entire downloads folder except for my outdoors project and still got the error so I assumed it was my stuff that was causing it. Someone was getting the same errors back in 2008:

#4 24-04-2012 
hmm. Reading through that thread (skims over the moonshine bits) - it appears to be related to an unpatched game.

Are you using an AGS set up? Do you have patches per game or just the one uberpatch? I remember Mog posting about that once and saying she had each EP patched for using AGS.
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#5 24-04-2012 
If there's any TTAB resources included with your object(s), I'd recommend checking that none of the interactions are flagged as usable by pets. That way pets should totally ignore your objects, and not cause any more errors. In the meantime, I'll have a look at the maxis BHAVs mentioned in the error-log, see what the pet must have been trying to do.

#6 24-04-2012 
Lee, I thought you had something there. This is a fresh install and I patched as I went along but I must have missed the BV patch so I patched and loaded up my game. Three pets showed up and nothing but the 4th stray caused the error again. Looking at the error log and comparing it to what happened in my game seems like it only happens when the pet is on the lot and not greeted or interacted with. I noticed with the other strays they were playing razzle or some such with the pets and I didn't get any errors.

Bo, thanks for taking a look. The planters don't have TTABs and the garden plot interactions are all humans only but maybe there's something in the SSN garden plants themselves? I haven't touched them at all but maybe pets should be able to interact with them some way and by raising them up off of the ground in the planters I'm interfering with that.


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