Islands and preparing food..
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YaY! That's 3, Honeywell/you/me. We'll assume Xander was just blown away by the awesomeness of it all. Smile

Those plate slots will be changed as soon as I finish figuring out which one is which. One the old table 2 were changed..I lost my notes telling me which ones I changed and I'll be danged if I can remember. (You try remembering anything with one kid playing music on YouTube, another playing a Wii game and the other talking about every little bit of it. Just thinking is a bit too much right now!)

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Quote:I lost my notes telling me which ones I changed and I'll be danged if I can remember

I do that all the time, at least you have a reason, I don't. Big Grin
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I'm glad I'm not the only one with an annoying child! He keeps coming and banging on the piano, unfortunately I encourage his music making so am loathe to tell him to go away!

This looks really interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.
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Whoops I totally got distracted by a bunch of stuff that I forgot to come back with my results. I didn't run into any issues that I could see, the sink was a sink and the Sims had no problem using it and the table acted as a table. A really nice idea combining the two. Smile
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Awesome. That's 4, which means I'm definitely considering the sink safe to use. Smile The idea to combine the two wasn't mine. The person who requested the main part thought a sink would a nice touch. I aim to please, lol.

Michelle: You do have a reason and I have a note somewhere telling me what your reason is..I just can't find it! Heehee.

Karen Lorraine: Omg, I'm so glad we don't have any musical instruments! And thankies muchly.

Edited to say: this little set is done and posted at Black Pearl Sims and my blog. Smile I'd still like to figure out why the 2 tile sink broke!


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