• Triplets of Belleville
  • Reviewer: leefish
  • Genre: Animated
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Review Type: Film Review
It's a visual stunner - dark and surreal and hopeful and funny and classic all at the same time. Triplets of Belleville. I was talking to a friend today about hobbies and we got onto the topic of films. I never thought of myself as a film buff (and I still don't) but I do like weird films apparently.

Anyway, we were chatting and I was looking through my stuff and I found this. Its a French cartoon, but not really for kids. Its a story about a little boy called Champion who lives with his grandmother. He is a keen cyclist (reasons why are in the film) and grows up to enter the Tour de France. He is then kidnapped by Mafia types and carried off to the Metropolis Belleville. Of course Grandma comes to save him. That sounds just like your typical cheesy kids cartoon I guess.

Favourite moments - the triplets and their "Musical Instruments", Pedalo odyssey, random hand grenades and the single opening shot that sets the scene and the tone of the whole film. I saw this film in France (with the French soundtrack) and was able to follow pretty much every scene (my French is at the level of Je voudrai un bier, so the pictures really do tell the story.)

Trust me on this - you will love this film. Really.

And yes, this is not a book.

#2 26-04-2012
I think I've heard of this, but I've never seen it. It sounds really interesting though, so maybe I'll have to watch it...

#3 27-04-2012
Just watched it. It was awesome. Smile Thanks Lee. Did you see after the credits?


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