This is the third installment of my glitch movie series that I created, sadly this is the only one I have let as I lost the others when my PC decided to die on me. Enjoy!

If my math is correct it is 5 years old now lol.

#2 27-04-2012
It's really cool.

One strange thing - it doesn't play in the small screen, but it is fine if you hit show in full screen. Weird, as the other videos play fine.

#3 27-04-2012
Thanks for the giggle Xander.

#4 27-04-2012
*I* had no problem watching it in the small screen.

#5 27-04-2012
Well that makes a pleasant change BO. Glad to see it works ok for you Big Grin

#6 27-04-2012
It works for me, too. Smile

And thanks for the laugh, Xander! I especially liked the toddler-twirling. Wink

#7 27-04-2012
I think we can conclude I am the only Opera user.....

#8 27-04-2012
Yep, I'm Firefox all the way. Smile

Edit: This has nothing whatsoever to do with the movie, but I just noticed that the "delete" button is all in lower case, while the other buttons are capitalised. This bugs me. I just thought you ought to know that. Wink

#9 27-04-2012
well, I shall certainly take that into consideration Sleepy

#10 27-04-2012
My, you're a quick fish! Thank you for listening to my concerns in this extremely important matter. Big Grin


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