Like button?
#21 04-05-2012 
I really like the fact that Karen liked liking and I also like the fact that Nix liked liking. Now I need to see if I like liking. If you haven't liked yet, try it- you might like it.

I think I need more coffee. Smile

#22 04-05-2012 
so WHO is on first?????
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#23 05-05-2012 
mustluvcatz;12129 Wrote:I think I need more coffee.

Sounds like you've had enough coffee already. Big Grin
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#24 05-05-2012 
ok, I have the button running, styling is not complete - will do that tomorrow.

Shall I leave it at "vote" or shall we say sod it and join the mainstream and call it like?

Can be "like" and "unlike" ?

Also, I have not activated it in all areas - if you don't see the button it is because I have not activated it in that area.

I have chosen to NOT add it to the uploads/downloads areas as the focus should be on the UPLOAD, not on the comments (in my opinion) and the downside of this spiffy new system is that GUESTS cannot vote. That is ok - guests can't post outside the uploads/downloads area either, they can only post and thank in the uploads.

This is a deliberate choice I made when I started leefish. I always hated going to small site X and having to register to get a sims item - sometimes even just to look at what there was. (I really REALLY hate that).

I tried to make it so that the people who join leefish actually want to JOIN; what I want and hope for for leefish is not just lots of uploads from super talented creators, but also a small friendly place where we can have fun and so on - yes, posting silly posts and generally being madfish is in fact in the Site Charter.
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#25 05-05-2012 
leefish;12143 Wrote:Shall I leave it at "vote" or shall we say sod it and join the mainstream and call it like?
Can be "like" and "unlike" ?

vote = blah, like = boring, unlike = nah! don't need it. How about something insane to match the members, something like "FISHALICIOUS".
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#26 05-05-2012 
hmm, that would make the button rather - long.

We could go for FishSlap? Thanks for Fishslapping Leefish's post.... Leefish's post has 400 fish slaps... the following 3 users (yes, it registers WHO clicks - can turn that off if it is preferred) have fishslapped leefish's post? Etc....
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#27 05-05-2012 
Yeah, I noticed that it records who like stuff... I clicked the number of likes under a post, and a pop-up told me everything... The first thing I thought was: "WHAMM: another hit on the DB! I thought she was trying to keep the load small!"

But if you think the site can handle it, I think it's a great feature! I *love* it Heart

#28 05-05-2012 
Yes indeed - is an extra fancy. But - it is all in one table of the db and so I can use a simple select select query - no joins. It is joins that kick the DB's ass really..
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#29 05-05-2012 
Can I ask what Joins are? It seems like a bad thingy to have Undecided

#30 05-05-2012 
sure, but it is really going off track.

Databases are made out of tables - a bit like Excel spreadsheets. Data which belongs together tends to be in one table - so there is information in the users table about users (their name, their usergroup etc) and there is information in the posts table about posts - the post number, the post content etc. This information is stored in fields, the table is a series of columns with the fields data in the rows.

These are relational database tables - that is, there is often a relationship between them - a field that gets used in a lot of tables is user ID.

If you have all the data you need in one table then it is really fast to just select from that table - (this is called a simple select) and you just ask the database to give the values you need.

Sometimes, the data you need is in TWO tables (or more) and then you have to find a common field and JOIN the tables together at that field - think of a VLookup in Excel - this causes longer processing time.

We cannot chuck all the data in one huge table - that would be incredibly slow as sometimes we don't NEED all that data so it is a waste to call it.

A good idea is to build a cache of the data - that way you ask ONCE - and then store it and rather than querying the DB you query the cache. However - there is a trade off - then the cache data is in the memory so you need more memory to load the page.

Usually, when I try to build a plugin (extra addon for leefish) - I look to see how long the query takes and how many on a page. A very short fast query is not a problem - a long slow query can lock up your DB tables and cause slowdown. If a query is a LONG query then I look at caching the data.

Another approach is to create a special table and make it so that when a certain event happens (like downloading a file) then it is logged to that table. This is how the downloads graphs work.
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