Hi. I'm Kiri
#21 09-05-2012 
It doesn't really matter, but most people start calling me Nix sooner or later. Doesn't take as long to type. Wink

#22 09-05-2012 
Welcome here, Ginnie. And thanks for making me feel a bit younger. Big Grin

#23 10-05-2012 
@ Kiri: Sydney, as for the smileys I collect whatever I can, would love to see some of the ones you have made.
At the moment I'm looking for good fish smileys. shhh! Don't tell Lee, I was hoping to find some then ask if she could replace some of the boring ones here.    

@Ginniee: G'Day, welcome to Leefish.
You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.

#24 10-05-2012 
Hmm, well, re smilies.

I like my smilies.... Reasons:

They are all the same size, all the same style and in 85% of cases look good on a dark or light background. I really wish the celebrate smilie did not have that white halo on a dark background cos I LOVE that smilie. Celebrate

So, I am open to change and extra other smilies, but I really want to keep that sort of matchingness.

* leefish thinks has been grumpy, but has to say hates not matching smilie sets. (see MTS)
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#25 10-05-2012 
Hey, you wasn't supposed to read that. Wink Have to agree with your reasons, that's why I keep looking, trying to get a full set of fish, that match and look good. So far no luck.
You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.

#26 10-05-2012 
* leefish thought that the kiri smilies were actually darned cute.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#27 10-05-2012 
Thanks Smile I like them too. And I agree Lee - matching smilies are a necessity.

#28 10-05-2012 
My smiley list.
Special Events
[Image: babyboy.gif][Image: babygirl.gif][Image: birthday.gif][Image: birthday2.gif][Image: easter.gif][Image: halloween.gif][Image: hny.gif][Image: xmas.gif]

Silly ones
[Image: gangsta.gif]

General Emotions:
[Image: beg.gif][Image: biggrin.gif][Image: bliss.gif][Image: blush.gif][Image: cool.gif][Image: drool.gif][Image: eek.gif][Image: grouphug.gif][Image: hi.gif][Image: hug.gif][Image: huh.gif][Image: hyper.gif][Image: jawdrop.gif][Image: lmao.gif][Image: lol.gif][Image: meh.gif][Image: p.gif][Image: read.gif][Image: rme.gif][Image: rock.gif][Image: rofl.gif][Image: sad.gif][Image: shh.gif][Image: sick.gif][Image: smile.gif][Image: sob.gif][Image: wait.gif][Image: wave.gif][Image: welcome.gif][Image: whip.gif][Image: wink.gif][Image: worship.gif][Image: wow.gif][Image: write.gif][Image: wub.gif][Image: yay.gif][Image: ycool.gif]

Notes: some of the animations are copied from other smileys on the net. Some are all my own. Some of the style is also learnt from others on the net. But all the smileys were made from scratch-ish. (i.e. I didn't just recolour someone elses).
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#29 10-05-2012 
Oh! I love the different colours and they match. [Image: bliss.gif]
[Image: shh.gif] Zip it baby boy, I know small things amuse small minds.

#30 10-05-2012 
I like the dancing one too! Need a musical one Kiri.
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