What is in your UserStartup.cheat file?
#11 09-05-2012 
[prim 0x0002] Expression (My 0x0008 (flags) Set Flag flag# Literal 0x0003 (allow object and person intersection))

Added to Function-Init. Only when it makes sense to add it, of course.

#12 09-05-2012 
Ah, ok... Thank you, dear. Much appreciated! Heart

#13 09-05-2012 
....like on grates.
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#14 09-05-2012 
And on greats Smile

#15 09-05-2012 
You're welcome BO. Smile

...and upper cabinets that now place without cheats and keep buying til you're done..heehee

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#16 10-05-2012 
Whoa, many new cheats for me - that TV one looks neat - is it JUST the TV or also the stereo?

And - the spoiler code is back in town Celebrate so if you want to (you don't have to) you can wrap the list in your post:

[spoiler=My User Start Up]
<< your Text >>
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#17 10-05-2012 
Cheats I can't live without.

My User Start Up(Click to View)

#18 10-05-2012 
Michelle don't forget the Dr. Seuss mode cheat Tongue

Anyhoo, I used to have all the building and Deco cheats on by default, since I mostly built stuff and didnt play a lot, I didnt need sim making cheats.

#19 10-05-2012 
My User Start Up(Click to View)
@Lee - The TV volume cheat only affects the TV I'm afraid.
@Michelle - Curious, what does "intProp SeeThem 231" do?
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#20 10-05-2012 
Xander, I believe I know what it is. IIRC SeeThem is a program that removes the censor blur. It is by Simsky (http://simsky.parsimonious.org/). I stumbled on this site and the program while looking for TS1 items back in the old days Probably before leefish and before I got TS2 and discovered MTS.


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