What is in your UserStartup.cheat file?
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Oh, that makes sense actually. Thanks Levini!
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levini;12531 Wrote:Xander, I believe I know what it is. IIRC SeeThem is a program that removes the censor blur. It is by Simsky (http://simsky.parsimonious.org/). I stumbled on this site and the program while looking for TS1 items back in the old days Probably before leefish and before I got TS2 and discovered MTS.

Close baby boy,
Quote:This program allows placement of objects on a diagonal or out of grid, as well as changing many of the gameplay settings. You can change skills or needs levels of your Sims, their personality or even their look - just launch your game in Debug mode by using See Them 2. This program has been specially designed with beginners in mind so it has an easy-to-use interface with pictures instead of text.
Dr Seuss cheats Wink Anyone interested HERE is the correct link
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Well it also removes le censor blur Tongue

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I see. THOSE kind of "pictures instead of text".

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Gosh, wish I'd read this thread sooner! There are some helpful hints here. What does "boolProp dontMergeNHFlora false" do? And what exactly does "boolProp allObjectLightsOn" do? From what you've said I thought it's supposed to make the lights be turned on in build mode, but it doesn't seem to do that for me.... unless I entered it wrong.

Here's my freshly updated file. Big Grin

cheatylamb's userStartup.cheat(Click to View)

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fanseelamb;14845 Wrote:What does "boolProp dontMergeNHFlora false" do?

Doesn't that make the neighbourhood trees visible from your lot?

fanseelamb;14845 Wrote:And what exactly does "boolProp allObjectLightsOn" do?

No idea, never heard of it.
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Boolprop allObjectLightsOn (true/false): Set to True to Light up Objects Continuously instead of only when used. Example .. the hot tub. Normally it only lights up when a sim is in it. With this cheat on, it is lit at all times.

boolProp dontMergeNHFlora (ture/False): Set to false to keep neighborhood trees from fading from view while in lot view. (As Michelle noted)
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Ah, I must've missed "true" when trying the allObjectLightsOn cheat. Doesn't sound like a cheat I want after all though.... it'd be weird to have the hottub lit when sims are not in it. I prefer my trees to fade out too, so won't be using that one either. But it is indeed interesting to see what cheats other people like to have on. Thanks for the info, Michelle and RebaLynn!

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So how do you use those skeleton cheats fansee?

* leefish is curious
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Well I have two neighbourhoods. One main 'hood for playing, and one for testing new content, taking upload pics, and occasionally filming videos.

In the main 'hood my sims have their heights permanently fixed with SimPE.

In the test 'hood I often make new "families" with those same characters in different configurations - like a group of 8 certain guys for modelling 8 new outfits, a group of 5 certain girls for modelling new hair, and so on. These are temporary sims so instead of bothering with SimPE or "stretchskeleton" codes (and having to remember their height numbers), I simply enter their name in the cheat box and they change to the right height.


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