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TheNinthWave Wrote:This is something I had been meaning to do for a very long time, but wasn't satisfied with the end result until now. The moon is found decorative/misc and costs 0 simoleons. It even glows, thanks to some TXMT edits. Some things to keep in mind: It looks best with a straight on view, not really good looking sideways at an angle. Also, you probably want to place it at the very edge of the lot to avoid it getting in the way of other tall objects or your sim's house, of course you can just bring it closer and make sure the house or no other objects are in the way to make it larger and for better screenshots. Enjoy!
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The Sims 2 - The Moon in Buy Mode Screenshot The Sims 2 - The Moon in Buy Mode Screenshot The Sims 2 - The Moon in Buy Mode Screenshot The Sims 2 - The Moon in Buy Mode Screenshot
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#2 11-05-2012
It looks perfect for story tellers. Thanks for the find Shell Big Grin

#3 12-05-2012
What a great find! I never really realized that the moon wasn't in the sky until this mod came out lol.

#4 12-05-2012
The thing I like about this is, it's not a mod, it's buyable and you can move it wherever you want on the lot.


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