SimPE clothing clone? Change default settings in DDS utility?
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Yeah, like it *was* originally Will Wright's intention that the Tool named "Edith" (a tool for editing SimAntics trees) would also be shared with us. Alas, the higher echelons at EA overruled that.

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It's been a while since the last post here, but since I had a similar problem, I though I'd share my knowledge with you.
My problem was that I had created a variation of a clothing mesh (a tucked-in version of an untucked shirt), and wanted to find some way of duplicating the recolours of the original shirt mesh, so I could use them on my custom mesh as well, without having to go through Bodyshop and having to export all the textures and then re-importing them again for the custom mesh.
After having read through this thread and doing a little bit of testing myself by importing the same custom recolour in Bodyshop two times, it seems that the only changes between the two files are:
- the group number, which also appears in the names of the texture images and materials, and which of course is referenced within the 3IDR
- the sortindex within the BINX

What I then did was:
1. Open the last file I had imported via Bodyshop, and note it's sortindex within the BINX.
2. Copy the original recolours to a new folder, so I won't mix them up.
3. Delete the TXTM and TXTR resources from the recolour package, as I'll reference these from the original recolour via the 3IDR file.
4. Add one to the value obtained in step 1, and use that number as the new sortindex. This step is not mandatory however, as you can use any other sortindex to control where in the content list your recolour is placed, and it seems to work even if multiple recolours share a common sortindex.
5. Change the Group-ID of all resources (bar the CLST) to a new custom value. For now I'm just picking some random number from the 0x5Fxxxxxx range which seems to get used by Bodyshop, judging from the packages present in my SavedSims foler, and hope it won't collide with something else. If anybody knows any better method for this, I'd be glad to hear about it.
6. Change the entries in the 3IDR referencing the Text List and the Property Set to reflect the new Group-ID.
7. Use the Body Mesh linking tool to link the 3IDR to the new mesh.
8. Save the package, and if everything went well, it should now appear in Bodyshop as a new, separate recolour using the custom mesh.

#33 09-12-2012 
Great news! Thank you for figuring this out. Perhaps someone who programs could make a utility that does this? Plug in a number of copies we want and it gives us the renumbered recolors, then we just change the image and/or mesh resource?


Sorry, that is a members only option