Read Sims3Pack with PHP?
#1 12-05-2012 
First off, hey Lee! <3

Secondly, the actual question. I'm aware upon opening a Sims3Pack file, that it contains some rather handy XML information. I was wondering if there is a nice clean way to read this from PHP. And if so, if there is a way to get the images out of it too, as they are all listed in the XML portion.

I found this thread from a quick search, . It has an overview of what to do, but I am not sure exactly how that works.

#2 12-05-2012 
indeed, long time no see. You thinking of re-launching tss?

I have no idea. I guess I could struggle through and work it out, but I have no real use for it... You might want to ask Delphy, or the chap who replied and said he had it working.
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#3 12-05-2012 
The reason I didn't bother with that thread is the pure age of it.
I just thought this would be a good place to ask about it Tongue.

I figured there must be a simple(ish) sort of way to get the data, as reading XML in php is easy, and reading a file is easy, it's just a matter of trying to seperate the XML from the rest of the file, I suppose. Then again, I don't know, which is why I'm asking.

As for relaunching TSS. I'm in the process of creating a small downloads manager from scratch. More of an experiment. If it goes well, may just turn it into a little website or something.

#4 12-05-2012 
hmm, well, I think the first thing is to follow the steps from Echo - the DWord and what have you. Try asking Peter on Simlogical. He does php.
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#5 12-05-2012 
Hah! Success! I am able to read all the XML information out of the Sims3Pack, and extract the images too. If you want to see the code for future reference, or intrigue, just ask Smile

#6 12-05-2012 
Not really Flaba, I have no interest in uploading sims3packs of sims or houses cos the files are huge.

Thanks anyway.
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#7 13-05-2012 
Don't you just zip them and such? You'd still be able to get the info out if you wanted to.

#8 13-05-2012 
Have you actually looked at the size difference between a .sims info file or a sims3pack lot that has been through custard vs a standard sims3pack? The difference is huge - zipping just makes them *both* smaller.

So, I would be extracting the pics and having the file on line. Do the pics in the sims3pack show all the info the downloader wants?

Like I want a floorplan and some interior shots as well as house and garden. If those pics are not in there then I am then allowing the extra house shots. So then I am uploading the complete sims3pack with a load of things in I don't want that I am hosting and the downloader is downloading. Seems a waste of bandwidth really.

It might be handy for sims - I have never looked at sims. The actual process sounds interesting (I guess you did in fact ask Peter) but I don't think I would use it.
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#9 13-05-2012 
It wasn't necessarily for you to use personally, it's just an interesting little project to do with PHP and Sims3Packs. I haven't looked a Sims file, but I believe it includes all their traits and appropriate pictures for them.

The reason I'm using Sims3Packs is because it will only be me upload, and the VPS I'm using has 4TB Bandwidth, so it's more of a feat to try and use it all rather than trying to minimise my usage.

With lots, there isn't all THAT much useful information, you can get the number of floors, lot size, game version and date it was created. The images you get are the ones you see on the exchange.

Reading that forum post on MTS, it seemed to be pretty useful for automating the filling in of information relating to Sims. But you are right, if you are bounded by bandwidth, Sims3Packs are not a good idea at all. The size comes from all the images. Out of my 1.5mb file, 1mb are the images. They are PNG files of about 150 - 160kb each, which is unnecessary considering their size is only 512x512.

Long story short, it's a good way, if you're not concerned about bandwidth to fill in a bit of information automatically.

#10 13-05-2012 
Well, I have a LOT of bandwidth at my disposal (I use a fraction of it) but I guess waste is waste to me Big Grin

Pop into chat.
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