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You're both very welcome. I love to help people be better creators, because that gives us all more choice of CC Smile

XanderGC;12800 Wrote:PS: How do I mark a post as "best answer?" I don't see that option anywhere.

I can't find it either... I used to know how to do that, but maybe that was in a different section.

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AHA. Another thing bust (gahh...grrr...why)

Shall go fix it.

* leefish plays soft music through the site speakers whilst the members impatiently wait...

(meanwhile, fish panics in the rather horrible little kitchen hidden at back of fancy restaurant)
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leefish;12811 Wrote:* leefish plays soft music through the site speakers whilst the members impatiently wait...
OMG! what is the terrible noise, sounds like a cat in agony, oops! that me singing along. Blush
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* Ghost quietly looks at Bidou's Career Editor, which ships with SimPE.

Once you have cloned a career, you can open it in SimPE and use the career editor. It translates some of the less obvious strings, and makes editing a lot easier.

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@Ghost: I never was aware of that... But hell, SimPE and its plugins are all so well-documented. NOT!!! The only way to come to know about this stuff is to go to the SimPE download site and go read up on it online.

Sorry, but I don't find that a practical way to work. So, indeed, maybe I hardly use all the functions of SimPE and its plugins. Maybe I do things the long-winded, complicated way. But at least when people follow those instructions, they *do* get to know SimPE inside and out, without everything being made simple for them Big Grin

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I know what you mean. I found those plugins by poking around the menus up on top trying to figure out what I had done with my plugin view before I had learned what the reset layout button looked like.

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Reset layout. I remember the first time that happened, I was like OMG I broke it..
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At least I got my answer, I just didn't want you to think I forgot to close the thread. Hopefully soon I'll start work on my Careers project.
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First: I'm a completely new to creating careers, but with Bidou's career editor I've managed to create some using ready-made templates I've found. Now I find myself in a position where I need to extract some career data from the objects.package myself, however, and sadly I haven't been able to even by following BoilingOil's very detailed explanation here.

The problem is that I cannot find the "toggle group filter" option when I right-click on the OBJD file. I've attached an image showing the options I get. Using CTRL-T does not help either; nothing happens when I select "AllRes" afterwards. I've poked around to see if I can find the option somewhere else, to no avail. I do see that there's a group filter under "filter resources" in the top right corner, but nothing happens when I'm typing something there, no matter if I click enter or "set" afterwards. (I assumed that I could search for files using that function, but I've never managed to.) I'm using version if that's of any help.

I guess there's something completely obvious I'm missing here, so I'm very sad that I have to bother you with this question. Still, I can assure you that any help would be very much appreciated. Smile

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